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Happy New Year!

Last year was super busy for us so we have grown! Check out our About Us page to meet Sarah, Ivvy, and Bess who are my planners, coordinators, designers, and tribe!  We are all like family! After having worked with these amazing women in 2022 I am so excited to have everyone back for 2023! I could never have made it through 2022 without them!

We have been looking at trends for 2023 in the wedding industry and we have a few offerings that may be of interest. Wedding planning consulting. This is for the couples that have a tribe to handle all the day of duties. We can either help you along to make sure you aren’t missing anything, bounce ideas off, or just check all the things you have done to make sure everything is in order. OR, we can do all the logistical planning as far as setting up vendors, floor plans, seating charts, timelines, and all the stuff that people don’t necessarily like to do. You can either do a package or hourly.

Anti-Weddings. I was thinking about all the weddings I do every year. They all have the same formula. Rehearsal dinner, ceremony, pictures, cocktail hour, sit-down dinner, speeches, cake cutting, first dances, and dancing. While there are some people who have looked forward to these moments their whole life and can’t imagine ever not doing it this way, there are an equal amount of people who are only doing it because it’s expected. So what if you could cut out all the stuff your dread and stresses you out? What if you cut out certain traditional aspects without fear of upsetting your parents because they are paying for all this and you feel obligated? This is where the Anti-wedding comes in. Only the parts that bring you joy! Do everything 100% your way! Schedule a consultation and we can come up with your unique anti-wedding that reflects you as a couple! 

Because I started in corporate it holds a very special place in my heart. I know it sounds weird but it’s the truth! We do Meetings, Conventions, Symposiums, Galas, and retreats. We can build the event from the ground up, help with events that aren’t giving you the ROI you want, or if you have something you have done and it works, we can certainly follow your lead. 

At PlumTree Travel, we can plan and book a wedding experience to places like the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and Europe! We do honeymoon planning, Bachelor/Bachelorette getaways, Babymoons, and Anniversary vacations! If you are a person who gets frustrated in planning travel, let us do it for you! And because we have access to way more options on hotels, cruises, and vacation packages, we can save you HOURS of research!​​

Other events and services we offer:

  • Parties
  • Bartending services
  • Wellness retreats (we work with a local wellness center in Missoula)
  • Baby showers / Gender reveals
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties

This year we have a few offerings for those who are more hands-on. For weddings, we have a “Secrets on Planning Your Own Wedding” class. This class will be online and go at your own pace. We will also be doing something similar with “Secrets on Planning your own Event.” Yes, this will be a series! Because who doesn’t like a series?

As you can see we have a lot of things we are opening up to. If you have questions or you are wanting to know more about a specific service just give us a holler!

Much love and happiness for 2023!!!!

Erika, Sarah, Ivvy and Bess. (The fantastic 4….is that a bit much?)