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Erika Sherek

Meet Erika Sherek

Hi! I’m Erika, owner and principal planner of PlumTree Events. I have been planning and coordinating events since 1998, and weddings since 2008.

As an Event Planner in Montana, I specialize in helping people, just like you, create, plan, and execute that wedding or event you’ve envisioned! Let us take out the guesswork and stress so you can enjoy your guests and your event. If you are short on time or just overwhelmed while trying to balance everything you have on your plate, I’m here to give you the support and guidance you need.

I’m the bossy one! I am a team player and like to get as much input from everyone as possible so I can ponder the information and see how to make it all work.

Erika is a Certified Event Planner, Certified Professional Wedding Planner, and Professional Bridal Consultant.

a little extra

A little bit more about Erika…

Having produced, planned and coordinated events for 2 decades, I spent the majority of my 20+ years experience working in corporate events, meetings, and parties. I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business to intimate celebrations with friends. I’m a Certified Wedding and Event Planner in 2008 and 2009 respectively, and a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants, certified 2018.

I’m a little Crazy Aunt and a little Fairy Godmother. I love all things that sparkle and yes, I have a tiara collection; because you just never know when you need to feel a little EXTRA! I’ve been the bride, the mother of the groom, and the crazy aunt, so I get it!

In the corporate world, I started out as the Assistant to the Executive VP of an international travel company where I was put in charge of all company events. Over the years I planned hundreds of meetings, parties, retreats, kick-off meetings, movie premieres and trade shows. After a few years I took everything to the next level and became an Event Producer for Virtual Events and Webinars on an international stage. I then moved into a consulting role for fortune 500 companies and was in charge of events on a global level.

WAY back in the day, I spent a year in finishing school at John Robert Powers in Philadelphia. At the time it was something that I was made to do by my grandmother, and I am grateful for that experience. I’ve kept up on all the new rules, because, yes, there are some changes! I’m kind of on a mission to get people interested in the “proper” way to do certain things. I’m a stickler for a table setting!

I’m a lover of all animals. Except for snakes. I’m not a big fan of snakes. So if your wedding or event is out in the pasture and a snake is spotted, I will scream. I have a dog Cleopatra Queen of Egypt; we call her Cleo, and I have a cat: Princess named Kitty Mui Mui we call Kitty or The Princess. And the newest addition to our family is a puppy, Daisy.

I work hard and I like to have fun doing it!

boho bride in a field
Sarah Weise


Sarah is a Lead Planner with PlumTree Events. She is a Southern California native and has the perfect little family. They are avid hikers and enjoy being in the fresh air every chance they get.

Her passion for event planning began in Temecula, California watching people’s dream day come to life. Relieving the stress amongst couples and families is key to a successful event. Her goal is not only to walk you through the planning process but to create excitement for everyone during your magical day.

She loves Pinterest, vision boards, and details about how you envision your day looking. So let’s see how we can make your dream day a reality.

Sarah is the outgoing one! She is strong and fearless and makes things happen!

Sarah is a Registered Wedding Planner and Bridal Consultant with the Association of Bridal Consultants


Ivvy is a Lead Planner of PlumTree Events. She is a Montana girl through and through and has been planning and coordinating weddings and events for 4 years and is very passionate about creating, designing, and planning weddings and events of all sizes. With her creativity and work ethic, she is will give you your dream wedding!

Ivvy is the nice one. (not saying that everyone else isn’t) But don’t let her sweetness full you. She will make sure you event or wedding is exactly the way you want.

Registered Wedding Planner and Bridal Consultant with the Association of Bridal Consultants”

Ivy Craig
Bess Livingston


Bess is a Designer and Coordinator of PlumTree Events. Bess is a Montana native who has an eye for everything beautiful and executes weddings and events flawlessly! If you aren’t sure what you want, she can help bring your vision come to reality. Bess has been designing events and weddings for many years and has the most amazing way of making things happen!

Bess is the quiet-down-to-business one. When she starts working she is laser-focused! When she sets her mind to your event she will do everything to make that happen!

Erika Sherek